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History of HPSDR Mercury and Quick Silver

History of HPSDR Mercury and Quick SilverPhilip Covington, N8VBEarly HPSDR and XYLOIn 2005 I started a High Performance SDR (HPSDR) project which was to consist of a motherboard carrying a FPGA/USB 2.0 interface and power supply with the provision for plug in modules through 40 pin headers.I had planned a narrow band high dynamic range module based on a QSD/DDS/PCM4202 audio ADC and a wide bandwidth module based on a high speed 16 bit ADC: soon selected the LTC2208 ADC from Linear Technology.A representative from Linear Technology came across my blog ( ) and offered evaluation boards and samples to support the project.At about the same time my HPSDR project came about, Phil Harman, VK6APH and Bill Tracey, KD5TFD were interested developing a sound card replacement to be used with the SDR-1000 and had started develo…