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HPSDR and XYLO SDR group combine

We have combined the HPSDR and XYLO SDR groups into one project with common goals. There is a new domain and website for the project:

The XYLO SDR mailing list has now become the HPSDR mailing list. To join the list go to:


This is the first attempt at defining the physical layout of the Atlas bus.

The board ended up being 5.500" x 3.940", six slots, and 4 layers with
the following stackup:

1. Ground Plane (top component side)
3. Power Plane (+12,-12, +5, -5, +3.3)
4. XBUS (bottom side)

Details are in the following document:

After reading the document there are some other pdfs (such as the
schematic) in this folder:

For those interested, I'd appreciate if you'd please take a look at
the documents and make questions/comments.