Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rumors and other nonsense...


Recently I have seen this subject brought up again when it should have been put to rest a long time ago.  There was a talented volunteer software developer (Cathy Moss of the UK) who developed a GUI software application for the QS1R (called Panoptos or SDRMAX III) who eventually stopped developing the software.  There has been much speculation on why she left the project. These recent references to Cathy Moss, who volunteered to write a GUI that worked with my QS1R server, demonstrates how ridiculous fabrications, gossip, and rumors can become.  Everyone wants a dramatic soap-opera explanation, it seems.  Cathy Moss decided to stop writing code for personal reasons (which I will not discuss out of respect for her) and not because I stopped her or forced her out as some ridiculous rumors have claimed.  Cathy Moss is a very talented and prolific programmer as anyone can see, and so I offered her a paid programming position which she declined for personal reasons/obligations. Cathy Moss was also contacted by multiple SDR manufacturers and some HPSDR group members with offers asking her to support their hardware instead, all of which Cathy Moss declined.  Cathy is a still a member of the official QS1R Yahoo group and we occasionally exchange emails on the subject of SDR.  As with all volunteer software efforts, the volunteer is under no obligation to continue to write or support software.   Interests change, personal circumstances change, and developers burn out or move on. Cathy has indicated that she may do some more software development at some point in the future, but for now she is too busy with personal circumstances. She would certainly be welcomed back by me for sure.

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