Thursday, June 30, 2005

vSound Ideas

I started to take a look at creating a virtual sound card driver for use with PowerSDR. Here are two ways that I thought about doing it:


In the above figure we create two virtual sound card instances. They are virtually hooked together as depicted above. The advantage is that they appear to each application as a sound card so MME and DS can be used in both programs.

In the above diagram, the driver creates one virtual sound card device and the third party program talks to it as normal using MME or DS.

PowerSDR talks to the driver using normal file read/write IO and custom IOCTL commands instead of through PortAudio's MME or DS.

Which one is preferred? Comments: Email Me


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Anonymous said...

I think the more "general" case (number 1 option?) might be easier to market for a number of purposes.

Also, from an ease of use and consistency perspective, as close as you can make it in operation to vcom the better.


Morseman said...

Just sent a donation and thought I'd log in.

I'm hoping that Ham Radio Deluxe will be able to use vSound, as it already uses vCom, and avoiding a second card would be a great help.