Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It Runs...

I was able to download the initial firmware into the FX2 microcontroller on the FPGA_USB board today and run a test program. I then recompiled the program with the open source SDCC and got it to run (the initial code was compiled with the Keil evaluation package from Cypress' site). After testing the FX2 a little further I will solder the FPGA onto the board and start developing the code for it. So far there have been no major problems...

2 comments: said...

amazing work. I start sweating just looking at that photo of the PCB. What are you using for a solder station?
Do you have plans to offer this board up (in populated fashion pls)to the SDR/linux community?

Phil Covington said...

I am using a older Weller EC2001 digital readout soldering station. Anything temperature controlled will do like the Hakko936

I have a lot of experience soldering which helped. I used to work as a technician while attending college for a DOD contractor and had to be MIL certified for soldering in that job.

I do plan on offering the boards from bare to fully populated. All the design files will be available for those who want to make their own boards. It will be both an open hardware and software project.