Wednesday, January 03, 2007

QS1R Block Diagrams & Software news

QS1R Diagrams Posted:

Architecture -
PDF diagram of QS1R overall architecture

RF Front End -
PDF diagram of QS1R RF Front End

Supporting Software:

QS1R/QS1T supporting software will be an open source application called QSRunner. It will support both Windows and Linux. In addition to supporting QS1R/QS1T, QSRunner will also support the SoftRock and HPSDR JANUS-OZY/MERCURY projects.


John said...

Hi Phil

Looks absolute;y fascinating - amazing work! Obviously I would like to be on the list :-)

72 John VE3NFK

Byron said...

Please put me on your list also. Fantastic!

Byron N9AWU

Pete G6AQF said...

Hi Phil

This looks fantastic.

Please add me to your "interested" list.

73 Pete G6AQF

Q Hasan said...

hi phil,

Very interesting work. I already joined up your list.

You might like to check this out.


Little John said...

Q: What similarities / differences / connections between the HPSDR and QS1R projects?

Q: What precipitated the QS1R/T project rather than making it an extension of the HPSDR project (They seem to overlap to
some degree ???)

John N0LBF

Alberto I2KBD said...

Hi Phil,
I'm very interested in your QS1R project. Please add my name to your interest list.

Alberto I2KBD