Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quickfilter QF1D512


Here is a link to useful FIR engine chip:

They offer a DIP version for experimentation:

Mouser stocks the parts.


The current status is that I am working on integrating the QF1D512 part into the QS1R receiver prototype. I have no new projected availability for QS1R. In fact it appears that interest may be somewhat limited - enough so that it would not be worthwhile to offer assembled units. In that case the design files will be posted from anyone who wants to build a board.


Little John said...

I suspect that the problem is that not enough people know about this yet. The two boards will likely be most coveted.

ea4eqd said...

Hi Phil,

I'm interested but I think the project information is quite scarce. I would appreciate a little bit more information about your development progress.
Anyway, if I may help with the sw, let me know.
Regards, Javier

Jonathan said...

I would be most interested in the QS1R (and QS1T), and also supporting it in my software too.

So please don't give up on producing hardware, I for one would put my name down for one.

Jonathan ON/G4KLX

Tom Ski said...

Hi Phil,
I have been following your projects for some time now. I would like to be placed on the list of those interested in purchasing a QS1T/R. Please continue the development of this great sounding project.


~~ said...

I'm sure many people would be interested would be interested if they knew about it. The SDR-14 seems very popular, even with its lower specs and very high price.