Wednesday, June 27, 2007

QS1RT Prototype 06272007


Please click on the image to see a larger version.


Jim Lux said...

I see you're using the TLK2701 SerDes. I've been looking at the TLK2711. I think the difference is in the physical layer interface. But, anyway, how hard is the 2701 to use?

Phil Covington said...

The board will actually take either a TLK2701 or TLK2711. When using the latter part, the termination resistors are just not populated on the board. Otherwise the pinout is the same.

I've had great luck with the TLK2701, TLK2711 and the TLK3101 (which is pin compatible also). The TLK27xx parts are easier to use than the TLK2501 because they also allow encoding/decoding of K codes which are useful for packet indicators/sync/status stuff.