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Linear Technology LTC2208

I have settled on the Linear Technology LTC2208 16 bit, 130 MSPS ADC for the HPSDR project. The LTC2208 has some unique features that put it ahead of offerings from Analog Devices.

Here is the datasheet:,C1,C1155,C1001,C1150,P13693,D9659

of particular interest is the PGA, randomizer and dithering features.

We completed our move into our new home last weekend. We are getting settled in and soon I will start on the Mercury board - which is based on the LTC2208.

QuickSilver QS1R Software Defined Receiver Prototype

QS1R Software Defined Receiver:

(Click on picture above for larger version.)


16 bit 130 MSPS ADC
HPF, LPF, RF AMP Switchable Front End
0-31.5 dB Attenuator in 0.5 dB steps
Cyclone II FPGA
Two AD6620 DDC co-processors
USB 2.0 480 Mbps High Speed Interface to PC
0.1 to 33 MHz coverage (0.1 to 65 MHz extended)
RX bandwidths from 33 MHz to 1kHz
Two independent RX channels anywhere in 0.1 to 33 MHz
6.00" X 4.00" board size
Single +12V 1A supply
Open Source Software and Hardware


Projected late January to mid-February 2007