Saturday, July 09, 2005

vCOM Build 226 released

Build 226 of the vCOM virtual serial port driver is released.

As I said in an earlier note, I had two reports from two different users that the vCOM driver would cause intermittent system freezes. One one system it happened only a few times and on the other system it happened very often. The system that had frequent system hangs was a hyper-threaded box. There can be only a few causes of system freezes and deadlock is the most likely in multiprocessor and hyperthread systems. I had a race condition caused by excessive use of spinlocks resulting in a deadlock. The probablity of the deaklock happening is much higher in a multiprocessor/hyperthreaded system. This is corrected in build 226.

Important: You will need to edit the N8VBvCOM.inf file to match your current inf file before updating the driver. Once you have the inf edited you can run the update.bat file to update the driver.

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