Sunday, July 17, 2005

vCOM on BerliOS Developer

The vCOM driver project is now hosted at:


eViLAnGeL said...

Hi Phil,

I am wondering how do you learn all this knowledge, I have been study in Computer Engineering for 4 years still do not have any of the driver programming knowledge.

I admire you a lot. And thank so much for sharing your knowledge with dumb people like me.

Anyways, I am just wondering if you can show me the way to start to learn lower level programming ? such as driver. I always wanted to be a driver programmer. However when I search from the web page. There are only web programming and destop programming tutorial and there is no DDK tutorial.

Pls help =)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... I am an old guy so I have had a few more years than you to accumulate what little knowledge I have. Basically, I learned driver programming from reading anything and everything I could on the subject. Go over to OSR Online and sign up for their newsletters and read the info on their website. Also, subscribe to the driver mailing lists they have.

Download the DDK and look at all the example source code that you can.

Good luck!


eViLAnGeL said...

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your advices =), I will read articles from OSRonline everyday from now on, and I have found out that they have some hardware learning kit which teach me how to create a driver for PCI interfaced card. I am planning to get one.

btw I have DDK installed to my computer and inside the src directory there are a lot of sample code. However there are no detail explaination for each sample and what it does. Do you think that Microsoft would have some tutorial publish as a reference or text book for sell which is talking about those samples ?

btw I am trying to start learning from your virtual serial port source code. Base on your code, where do you get all those template for building it up ? Are you using some kind of IDE for DDK development ?

It is hard to program Notepad line by line without any framework. I mainly use Visual C++ MFC, which they generate dialog framework automatically.