Monday, August 08, 2005

Just an update


There is a new build of SharpDevelop available at:

Not a lot of changes - just bugfixes...


Check out this new low cost Schematic Editor/PCB Layout program at:

I have tried Eagle, PCBExpress, and others... DipTrace has then all beat in ease of use. You can dowload a fully functional 30 day trial from the website. Or there is a freeware version also. The developers are very responsive to suggestions for features/improvements. I highly recommend this software.


I received the SoftRock40 with PCM2900 CODEC from Tony Parks this weekend. I will start on modifying the SharpDSP enabled console to make a specific release for the SoftRock40. I will also correct the sample offset bug in the PCM2900 CODEC.


I am in the process of laying out the PCB. I am using DipTrace for the Schematic entry and PCB layout. This will become a open source hardware/firmware SDR project. Stay tuned to my website for more info...

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