Sunday, December 31, 2006

QuickSilver QS1R Software Defined Receiver Prototype

QS1R Software Defined Receiver:

(Click on picture above for larger version.)


16 bit 130 MSPS ADC
HPF, LPF, RF AMP Switchable Front End
0-31.5 dB Attenuator in 0.5 dB steps
Cyclone II FPGA
Two AD6620 DDC co-processors
USB 2.0 480 Mbps High Speed Interface to PC
0.1 to 33 MHz coverage (0.1 to 65 MHz extended)
RX bandwidths from 33 MHz to 1kHz
Two independent RX channels anywhere in 0.1 to 33 MHz
6.00" X 4.00" board size
Single +12V 1A supply
Open Source Software and Hardware


Projected late January to mid-February 2007


Larry K2LT said...

Well, sign me up for a QS1R please. When do I send the payment?

Larry K2LT

Phil Covington said...

Hi Larry,

I'll post more information on pricing and availability very soon. I'll probably create an "interest" list to get an idea of how many units to do for a first run.

73 de Phil N8VB

Phil Covington said...


[Will it be possible to phase lock the 2 receivers?]

Yes, there is provision for external encode clock input to drive multiple boards and the board was designed with that in mind. The AD6620 DDC chips also have sync capability.

73 de Phil N8VB

Terry WB4JFI said...

This looks very good Phil. Congrats on a neat design. Keep us informed on pricing and availability, on both the receiver and follow-on transmitter.
Terry, WB4JFI

ARS said...


Any thought of using a QS1R as a 'scope?

Rossb said...

Hi Phil,
Put me down for one as well please

ajpearceUK said...

I'm also interested but what is the rough price? £50 or £1000?

Larry said...

I'm certainly interested, I've been eyeing the ADC 130 MSPS part for some time now. Please add me to the list of interested parties.

Larry, VE6VQ/W7

Mike said...

Yes - this looks interesting but I think it all depends on the cost Phil. The specification looks great but if it ends up costing $1000 interest might be limited.

I am interested, so keep me in the loop.

Mike G0MJW

Phil Covington said...


The QS1R will cost what it costs and the cost is yet to be determined. The most expensive component is the LTC2208 ADC.

Phil N8VB

rob said...


I'm interested, please keep me in the loop.

thanks, rob

Mark KF8VP said...

I'm extremely interested in the QS1R. Kudos to you for leaping beyond most of the existing "open" projects, with a straightforward, integrated platform! As an SDR-1000 owner, I'm quite excited to transition to direct R.F. sampling. Well done. My checkbook's ready - name the price.

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,
I am intrested in at least one.