Saturday, December 16, 2006

vSound Update

vSound Status

I have been able to get a prototype of the vSound driver to work on Windows Vista beta. I am now waiting until the official release of Vista to continue development on a driver that will work on both XP and Vista. As it looks now, vSound will support Vista and XP only. There will be no support for W2K, NT4, or Win9X/ME operating systems. My main concern is trying to make sure that the vSound driver is compatible with both XP and Vista so I don't have to maintain two different versions based on operating system.

There are a lot of changes being made to driver development under Windows and I have been waiting until it stabilizes a little bit more before releasing a beta driver. My best estimate for availability of vSound beta is early next year after Vista systems hit the streets.

New QuickSilver QS1R Group

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