Friday, October 28, 2005

Modified QSD Circuit

R1 represents the signal source impedance, in this case 200 ohms. If R2 is 4 x 200 ohms = 800 ohms the conversion loss is the same as a single switch with signal integrating capacitor driven by a 25% duty cycle clock. If the clock's duty cycle is increased to 50% the circuit shows some conversion gain. One side of the switch is now effectively grounded (virtual gound of the opamp). The next thing would be to investigate increasing the source impedance that each switch sees.

Below is a two switch model with LT1115 op amps:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
Have you looked at large signal strength signals outside the desired passband? The old way with a cap to ground had a natural roll off before the op amp had to compensate.
73 de WC0H
davideq at gmail dot com